Technical Manpower

Trend Setters Consultants is a company built around our customer's needs. Faced with unprecedented challenges, companies today must prepare for the future with an objective assessment of their resources, capabilities and performance. As a result, our contribution as a collaborative partner will always be judged on the delivery of real value and quantifiable results.

Finding qualified reliable Professional Technical personnel is clearly one of the biggest challenges facing nearly every Oil and Gas and Electrical company globally.

The recruiting strategies of Trend Setters Consultants were developed based solely on COMMON SENSE. Our extensive background and focus in the Professional Technical Manpower service industry gives us a clear advantage over other HR and staffing solution providers when it comes to specializing in Professional Technical staffing solutions.

We provide skilled and experienced Technical Manpower on deputation basis for various projects or during shut down at refineries, power plants etc.

We provide Professional Technical Manpower

  • CNC Operator
  • Fitter
  • VMC Operator
  • Welding et...