House Keeping

When you walk into an office building, an airport or a supermarket, do you notice the clean and shiny floors? Probably not, but you would if they were dirty and scuffed. The most obvious reason for floor maintenance is appearance, though there is other less obvious, but equally important reasons, also. Clean floors contribute to improved indoor air quality and fewer health concerns for occupants.

Lobbies may be most visible, but floor maintenance is critical almost everywhere: in food courts, kitchens, shopping and common areas, conference rooms, offices, gaming zones, pool, exercise and spa rooms, guest rooms, etc. All types of floor coverings - concrete, stone, clay, masonry, wood, etc - require different kind of maintenance to prolong their life. Committed to all these objectives is the facility management service. Trendsetters provides labor for housekeeping services of corporate offices, malls, call centers, cinema halls, showrooms, office campuses, IT parks, institutes and commercial complexes.

What is House Keeping Services?

  • Floor Cleaning
  • Rest Rooms Cleaning
  • Windows and Glass Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Walls and Doors Cleaning
  • Cleaning the Cealing
  • Dusting
  • Stain Removal
  • Production Floor Cleaning
  • Vacuum Cleaning

Why Trendsetters?

Your company is performing on global standards having clientele all over the world. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered if your office, production area is up to world standards in cleanliness? You must be wondering what is there in cleaning the broom sweeps well bucket and water mops the floor clean so why do we need something different. Have you not changed to the latest technological gadgets then why do you have to use the old traditional methods for cleaning? Throw the old broom and mop and welcome new gadgets for a sparkling clean environment around you

How do we clean differently?

Mechanized Road Sweeping

In today's global environment and futuristic town planning of Municipalities, Corporations and State Governments, Mechanized Road Sweeping is becoming increasingly important from the standpoints of health, safety, environment, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. Town planners and civic authorities are busy finding solutions for becoming "Walled City to World City". A neat and clean city makes a lasting impression on the minds of the citizens and visitors. Studies have shown that cleanliness ranks as a top factor in determining where people invest, travel or shop. Moreover, that leads to the ultimate development and value-addition to the place. We provide complete Power Sweeping & Cleaning Solutions to

  • Highways & Road
  • Municipalities/Cities/Townships
  • Industries/Refineries
  • Airports/Ports

Advantages of Mechanized Road Sweeping

  • A healthier and environment-friendly solution
  • Cost-effective and consistent cleaning
  • Modernized service as prevalent in developed countries
  • Maintains the overall aesthetics of the place
  • Municipality roads will require less de-silting of storm water drains