AC Maintenance

Any time is better than never, but spring is the ideal time to budget for an air conditioning tune-up. Early air conditioner maintenance can prevent many small problems from becoming more expensive problems later on. Furthermore, if your air conditioner check up is scheduled for spring, you'll also beat the long waits and higher prices that come with peak season HVAC repair visits.Trendsetters Services has over 26 years of supplying the Air Conditioning market and during this time, we have supplied and worked with a diverse range of market sectors including:

Services Including

  • Retail
  • Commercial
  • Rail
  • Data Centres
  • Public Sector
  • Research & Laboratories
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare / Veterinary
  • Education

Every client we work for receives the same dedicated and personal service and our attention to detail and expertise within the Air Conditioning team means that our customers not only come back to us, but they also recommend us.

cfes has vast experience within the Air Conditioning and Ventilation markets, working for both public and private sector clients. From single split to multi VRF systems or close control and chillers, our team will evaluate and recommend the most efficient and cost effective way to achieve your desired outcome with the least disruption to your business and customers.

Whether your property is a new build or a listed building, modern air conditioning systems can offer high energy efficiencies which can provide you with an economy of operation, reducing your overhead costs.

A responsible attitude to the environment is integral to our business operations. Innovations in energy-efficient design and the pioneering introduction of new refrigerants have produced systems that are better for the environment and comply with all current and planned legislative demands. In addition, with energy tax beginning to impact on business, air conditioning from cfes is a real investment for the future.